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Full Version: Do you play any browser game ?
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Do you play any browser game ?
yup, i sometimes play travian.. one of my favorite browser game, it is great and i love the interface
I did not really understand the term Browser Game but if you are talking about online games which does not require any software to be get installed in PC then i play Online Chess,Pool and angry birds.
I just played the paid to play games which is chess. Well i dont have good internet connection thats why easy to load browser game is the appropriate to me. Big Grin
i have played travian, the-west some time and bitefight
farmville, ahahaha
Well most of the facebook games are indeed one of the popular browser games. Farmville, angry birds. Big Grin
I only play few browser games but only when i am surfing through an app.
i play Pockie Ninja Big Grin.
I play Sim Social, pockie ninja, farmville and many more! Usually from facebook games ^_^
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