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Full Version: What device and browser do you use while browse the internet?
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Well,my seems funny i do use a mobile phone and do use two browser opera mini and ucweb.
I use Mozilla firefox alot. But when i am ptp sites, i always come along with my mobile browser.
I used PC specially a desktop. And used google chrome and opera to browse the web. Big Grin
You got a good strategy because while browsing in paid to post forum i do stay for hours with my phone so i do reduced the rate of the backlight.
Well that will be really good thing if we do multitasking in the computer or mobile. So far i have done to have 2 forums posting simultaneously. Big Grin
Yeah i post in three or two forums silmultaneously. It makes me to be fast while posting.
I used my notebook regularly with a browser of firefox..
Mozzila is to slow for me, so I use Google chrome Smile)
I change Mozilla's configuration in order to achieve fast browsing.. you can refer Mozilla's tweaks in the Internet discussions, I have post their..
But my mozilla rocks very well. I wonder why you guys said google rocks faster mozilla
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