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Full Version: Season film(merlin)
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Woow this movie is an interesting one.just imagine a king that had his son through the help of magic later turned against those who are using it.
This one of series film i love so much. The margic and spell twist made my day.
Really?well i heard that the reason four is out but i haven't watch it to bad i heard that the king was finally killed by morgana.
I havent watch this movie, hope to watch it soon as i have heared much about it
You too you missing a great movie that tells the history of magic and how they are being used.
I will get to buy the season two of this movie soon as i have watched the season 1. The boy has a good magic that some didnt know about.
merlin is new to me guys.. if i have time I'll watch this..
I have never seen this...
yeah cool...
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