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Full Version: What site u go to earn moneh?
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ohh i was just wandering, what paying site do u go to and how much u earn
in a daily basis?. just wanna ask cause i am new at earning money online
and i only earn about $0.001 per click on Clixsense Sad.
try PTP and uploading i'm sure you will earn more
@leequick what is PTP bro sorry newbie question i only know PTC Big Grin
it means pay to post in forums you can try moneytalkvillage they have contests there too
ohh thx for the info leequick Big Grin..
no problem i'm here to also help Big Grin
referrals is your key to earning big!
referral are the key but the lock is how to manage them haha
Need good add, then you can get refferals Smile
i earn money in mylikes Smile
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