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Full Version: What rare sports do you want to learn?
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I wanna learn juijitzu and parquor.
I wanna learn Fencing, I've been enjoying watching the players play that game, there's something so interesting bout fencing - I don't know if it's in the sword or the mask that they use, haha.

someday Im gonna have Im gonna have the guts and time to learn that =]
I want to learn majhong!!! ^_^ this is the best games with extra money if you won!!! hehehe
I want to learn juijitzu too. I love kicking butt games, or I think I have to learn kick boxing not juijitzu.
i want to learn the sport soccer and American football.
mahjong Big Grin
I would like to learn how to do karate, because it is a very interesting and amazing sport.
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