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Full Version: How often do you use Bluetooth?
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There was a time when me and my friends used to share data almost everyday via bluetooth,we used to spend a lot of time in all this but i have observed that from last 2 to 3 years bluetooth's use has been decreased since everyone started using internet on phone or pc and getting applications,themes,mp3 songs,videos is not much difficult anymore,it is easily available on internet.Now its been so many months i did not even start the Bluetooth in my mobile.How often do you use Bluetooth?
Not that much unlike before, when we're new to bluetooth, we use it almost everyday if we have new songs and applications on our symbian phones.
I do not use bluetooth Big Grin..
maybe 1-3 times a month ..
Almost every week; I use a bluetooth connection in my computer to transfer files to my devices.
i always use bluetooth for transfering files
I rarely use bluetooth nowadays since internet provides all we want.
when transfering some vids or musics..
but not often..
eventually, transferring profile with my friends,..
bluetooth headsets are kinda nice, so that's around 4 times a week i guess
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