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Full Version: The Best OS for You?
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What do you think?
Mine is Windows 7 for general purposes.
But for gaming, XP is still the best.
Haven't tried Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X lol.
windows xp is the best and the fastest
Win Xp for Performance
Win 7 For EyeCandy Big Grin
Mac OS x another EyeCandy
Linux good theme
Windows Vista haven't tried it yet Big Grin
windows for performance and windows can use any programs..

macOS for graphics Smile
windows 7 is the best OS i tried so far... and looking forward for the next windows "windows 8" in 2012....
windows 7 for me
for me WINDOW XP... Reliable and FAST... and i know all the details in this OS.
for windows xp!! its is easy to use and not hardly
I tried windows XP - great performance! windows vista - no comment.. hehe, windows 7 - awesome! linux - good.. mac OS X - I haven't try it yet.. Windows 8 - soon.. haha! lol
i created this tread about 2 days ago. hey ts . why did you make a copy of my tread!!! Angry
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