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external HDD for your wii games + softmodded wii + SD card (optional if you dont want to install cfg forwarder/channel)

Kindly post all wii guides, tips and tricks etc. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.
Id like to ask sir. even though I dont have wii.
but how is this possible. I think its a bit short of information.
you have to softmod your unit in order to play back up games
(11-21-2011 07:32 PM)gobernador Wrote: [ -> ]you have to softmod your unit in order to play back up games

yeah thats the answer... i will add some of info later in this post dont worry...
search in google sir whyle you waiting the post
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If you want to play backup games in Wii then I have one very easy solution to play backup game. First Connect your external hard drive with wii to backup and then start to play your game. Because of this procedure decline game load time. So according to me its best way to play backup games in wii.
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