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Full Version: Paypal Hack it is realy True??
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Watch Here
probably not true .
Cant watch the video because Im only using my phone, is that the script hack-the one wherein you'll paste a script that will lead you into a download page or something?

^well if that's the case, that's true and it doesnt work to some sites, though it really works to most sites that has a paypal button in it. Wink
Not True to me
the quality of the vid aint that clear
probably its not real
that is not true.
Obviously not true =_=
paypal bypass in some sites can be true but hacking paypal system can't be true if would be the person to do it then i will not share it for safety purposes
Has to be fake. Notice how the cursor moves out of our view after the dude clicked refresh? And notice how the refresh is so instant? I doubt there is internet that fast...

Now... what the dude probably did was change clip or change tab to another account with money in it.
Nope, false.
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