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Full Version: Favorite Super Hero Movies
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i'am an avid fan of superheroes and my favorite superhero is spiderman because he is an ordinary guy turned to extra-ordinary hero..

anyways i'm looking forward for the avengers movie
i've watch thor, iron man and capt. america and at the ending there is samuel jackson who is nick fury who is collecting the superheroes COOL.

one of my favorites also is Xmen series especially the latest which is xmen first class..

ohh i almost forgot KICKASS!! yeah this one is great also especially hit girl
i suggest you guys watch this one it's really funny because of hitgirl

what is your favorite super hero movies? Big Grin
Hmmmm... Big Grin Xmen and Ironmaan
(11-15-2011 04:34 AM)smajlicoff Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmmm... Big Grin Xmen and Ironmaan

we have same movies sir haha i really suggest KICKASS to you sir you can download a torrent and use torrific for a D-link ^_^
Well my is also spiderman he was really a lazy dude who later turn to be a great hero and crazy inlove with mary jane.
just to correct he is not a lazy guy, he works for the newspapers and he really woks well
Blade, this is a vampire film that i can rate the best. Blade is awesome as he is truly from my country but a black american born. Blade is my hero
i've have heard that one, my bother said blade is cool, i haven't seen the movie yet so i guess i would DL it later and watch Big Grin
I loved to watch Spiderman and also Xmen. Well the latest is Captain America really amazing how he became in that super hero. Big Grin
actually i first saw captain america in the movies and first heard about his story there i thought he has powers but what i saw in him were courage and purity.. what a hero.. simple and humble young man turned world changer Big Grin
blade is great for vampire killer, and then he will kill twilight Big Grin.
my fav super hero movies is Heroes... all people with rare talent and very unique
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