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What to do if UMD Game/Movie Won't Load? - mksmns1126 - 11-23-2011 01:38 PM

What to do if UMD Game/Movie Won't Load?

[Image: 98938ee395.jpg]

This problem is the most common for PSP

1. Clean the disk
Breathe lightly on your disk, take a non-abrasive wiping cloth, clean the UMD disk just like cleaning a DVD/CD. You may also try the compressed air cans, which is available in computer/electronic store. If there are any particles or dust on the disk, try blowing these particles off. Consider using a compressed air can to blow particles from the inside of the disk; you can find these cans in any computer or electronics store. There is also UMD disk-cleaning solution available, which would clean your disk as clean as it can be.

2. Check the clear plastic cover on the disk.
If your hard UMD has been put under pressure inside a bag, the plastic cover on the top of the disk may snap loose from the frame of white plastic disc. The plastic cover will put pressure on the back of the disc, which prevent it from spinning when the UMD is placed inside the PSP. If this happens, you may hold the UMD disc on the edge of the white plastic casing, and then take your index finger and gently push up against the middle of the disk until you hear a slight clicking noise. If all goes well, you have successfully putting back the plastic lid in place and the disk will rotate correctly the next time you insert it in the PSP.

3. Is it a bad UMD?
Even after you try to clean the UMD with the cleaning solution and it is still fail to load, then the bad news is that the game or film is dead. It's time to buy the replacement.

4. Check your PSP.
If none above works, things may be worse than it should, but there is absolutely no reason to panic. The inside of your PSP may be dirty, open the tray door and shake slightly to get dirts and bits out from your PSP, it is better if you use the compressed air cans to loosen dirts inside your PSP.

Still not work? Then you need a professional repair help. Contact your local vendor.