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Little Big Planet
11-22-2011, 06:35 AM
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Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet
Developed in conjunction with MediaMolecule, the critically acclaimed game LittleBigPlanet makes its way to the PSP, offering new SackBoy adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go, in addition to brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform.

[Image: 4c1c22ee7d.jpg]

The Play section of LittleBigPlanet consists of a number of levels that have been created by Media Molecule, and are based around different themes that draw inspiration from real-world locations, such as Japanese gardens, dry Mexican deserts, New York City streets, icy Russian stages, and other places.By completing the levels available to them (by reaching the scoreboard), the player may then advance the story and play further unlocked levels.The story mode comprises eight themed areas, with each area containing three or four main levels, and some of these levels in turn contain collectable keys to unlock bonus mini-levels. The main story mode comprises more than 50 pre-built levels in total.
To control their Sackboy character, the player moves by using the analogue sticks, jump with varying degrees of height depending on the pressure applied to the action button, and grab onto objects to either move or swing on them. In addition to regular left-and-right movement, and despite the 2D look of the game, levels consist of three levels of depth—the foreground, middleground and background—and may be traversed between either automatically by the game itself, or by the player's command. The player can opt to emote their Sackboy by applying varying degrees of delight, fear, sadness, and rage, control each arm independently through the analogue sticks, slap other players by jerking the arm movement with the analogue sticks, and use the Sixaxis motion-sensing functionality to animate the character's head and body.

[Image: 9c5832c0c0.jpg]

[Image: eafa527e72.jpg]

LittleBigPlanet is a world full of creations made by the eight Creator Curators. However, the eighth Creator, a rogue Creator called "the Collector" is stealing the other Creators' creations and not sharing them with the world (sharing is one of the core elements of LittleBigPlanet), and later, the Creators themselves.
The player starts out at The Gardens level, where the player's Sackperson meets the King, one of the Creators, the Queen, Little Xim and Big Xam, in charge of the Score Challenges and the Survival Challenges respectively; and their servant Dumpty. The player heads for the Savannah, where the next ruler, Zola, resides. When the player accidentally breaks one of Zola's statues, the player is asked to investigate what's scaring his buffalo; in return for his forgiveness. The culprits turn out to be fire and crocodiles, and the player has to clear a crocodile's name accused of eating Meerkat Mum's son, Stripy Tail. The player finds out that Stripy Tail is actually at a club with some female meerkats, underground where the meerkats live. After the player returns Stripy Tail to Meerkat Mum, the player does a favour for one of Zola's servants and goes to The Wedding (a story arc with a Day of the Dead theme), where his friend, Frida, is about to wed with her bridegroom, Don Lu. However he's gone missing; therefore the wedding is at stake. Later, with the help of his dog, the player finds him in a dark cave. Don Lu explains to the player that he got lost, and got tired that he could not find his way out. Getting him back to the wedding, Frida thinks he jilted her at the altar, gets her Skulldozer, and starts to bulldoze everything in sight. However, when she sees her bridegroom waiting for her, she realises it was just a silly misunderstanding, forgets everything, and they wed.
Don Lu takes the player to the Canyons, where Frida and Don Lu have their honeymoon and the player meets Uncle Jalapeño. The player frees Uncle Jalapeño, who was put in prison unfairly by the evil Sheriff Zapata. Uncle Jalapeño teaches the player about explosives throughout the Canyons levels. After the player chases Sheriff Zapata into a temple and defeats him, Uncle Jalapeño takes a vacation into the Metropolis, taking the player with him, where they meet Uncle Jalapeño's friend, Mags the Mechanic. She trades the player for a new car for Uncle Jalapeño,then the player can edit the car to their liking. The player next races Mags's nemesis, Ze Dude, who stole her car, and after the race drives it into the sewer. The player then goes into the sewer and retrieves her car, then stops Ze Dude and his bouncers, who were wrecking Mags's construction site. Ze Dude, defeated, praises the player as a worthy foe, and lets the player take his private jet to the Islands to train with Grandmaster Sensei, his martial arts teacher. Grandmaster Sensei trains the player to defeat the evil Sumo, who took over Grandmaster Sensei's castle and her talking flame-throwing cat; and the Terrible Oni, with the help of her cat.
From there the player goes to the Temples, to get their very own talking flame-throwing cat, the Great Magician's latest creation, who is the master of emitters. After speaking to The Goddess at the end of the Dancer's Court she guides the player to The Magician himself. After the player overcomes his toughest obstacles, he asks to defeat the Collector, which would be the player's "greatest challenge". The player, with some help from the general and a bear whose family the Collector has kidnapped, infiltrates the Collector's bunker, gets past his army, and frees the characters the player met throughout the game who had been kidnapped by the Collector and locked up. As everyone escapes, they thank the player, and wish him good luck as the player goes to confront the Collector. After the final battle with the Collector, the Collector is revealed to be a little, lonely man who only kidnapped everyone because he did not have any friends, and hides in shame. However, everyone, including the player, offers to be his friend. He accepts, and everyone holds hands, beginning a new friendship.


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