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How to prevent your PSP from getting dirty?
11-23-2011, 01:23 PM
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How to prevent your PSP from getting dirty?
How to prevent your PSP from getting dirty?

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When you are dealing with dirt, the best offense is always a good defense. It may sounds like cliches but that a sound advice. If you do not want your PSP to get dirty, keep it in an environment which is free of free of dirt. Do not leave it lying around your home uncovered, put it in the drawer or best on its package box. If you want to keep the PSP clean, yous must make sure that you keep all related devices of the PSP and clean. Keep your UMD discs in its cases and use clean USB cables to connect your PSP to your computer. If you find an old USB cable sitting in the corner of a drawer that, for some unknown reason, had crumbs and dirts across the bottom, you must take the time to ensure that all dust or pieces of crumbs that were in the drawers were carefully cleaned before you put the connector in your PSP.

In addition in maintaining your PSP and all devices of the PSP own, be sure that you are clean yourself. If you find your PSP always greasy and smudged look no farther than your own greasy hands, wash hands before playing. Make sure that they are clean, dry and free of grease when you want to play. If you do not want smudges on the screen, do not to touch the screen.

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