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Frequent PSP Problems
11-23-2011, 01:27 PM
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Frequent PSP Problems
Frequent PSP Problems

[Image: 727e4f6412.jpg]

All of the buttons of my PSP suddenly stopped working.

Be sure that you during playing you have accidentally slide the power button into the Hold position.

My PSP abruptly enter sleep mode during a game/movie/etc.
Be sure that you didn't accidentally slide the power button up into the Sleep position.

There's no sound/the sound too low.
Be sure that you have the sound volume turned up and you didn't accidentally hit the music note button (which mutes the console), and that you do/don't have the headphones plugged in (depending upon whether you are wearing headphones or not).

The picture on the screen is too dim/too bright.
Hit the little square button underneath the screen. This toggles through different screen brightness settings.

I cannot connect to my wireless network.
Be sure that you have turned on the WLAN switch on the bottom-left corner of your PSP.

My PSP's screen has a dead pixel.

If it is an actual dead pixel, then it isn't fixable. Learn to live with it, or try to sell it online and buy a new PSP. However, you may just have a stuck pixel. This may be fixable. There's an MPEG4 video available from various online PSP-associated sites, such as PSP Hacker (LINK), called Dead Pixel Cleaner by Placasoft. This two-minute video will need to be loaded onto your Memory Stick. It flashes through red, blue, and green repeatedly and rapidly, filling your PSP's screen. The rapid instructions to change between these three key RGB colors can sometimes stimulate a frozen/stuck pixel, knocking it back to full functionality. So, if you have what looks to be a dead pixel, give this video a try. I've read several recommendations online that say you should leave it running in a loop for a good couple of hours, checking intermittently to see whether it has had any effect. You might learn that your dead pixel is just a stuck pixel when you find it quickly unstuck.

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