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What to do if your PSP cannot be turned on?
11-23-2011, 01:32 PM
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What to do if your PSP cannot be turned on?
What to do if your PSP cannot be turned on?

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-If your PSP can't be turned on, naturally you need to check the power first. Hopefully the battery has been fully depleted. Plug in the AC power adapter and see if the power indicator light turn orange which indicates charging. If that's happen, see if the PSP can now be turned on. If so, luckily your battery simply depleted.

-If the power indicator light did not turn on or turn orange when you plugged in the PSP, then see if you can turn the PSP on. If the PSP can be turned on then look on the upper-right corner of the screen. Is the battery indicator is stills shown? Then, perhaps the battery is simply discharged and being charged, but for some reason the charging indicator light won't turn on. Unplug your PSP and see if it stays powered.

-If it is completely shuts down, then it is most likely something is wrong with the device or the battery. It is best to contact your local vendor.

However, if you want check your PSP before sending it to the vendor, you can open the battery cover on the back of your PSP. Remove the battery and check the metal contacts, be sure that they are clean. Wipe gently with soft cloth when dirty. Insert the battery and repeat the above steps. If it still fails to work, lend a good battery so you can sure that the battery or your PSP is the culprit. If your PSP turn on with your friend's battery, then luckily your device is OK, it is better to replace the battery than sending your PSP to your local vendor for repair.

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