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Installing the Main Circuit Board
11-24-2011, 03:50 AM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2011 03:51 AM by mksmns1126.)
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Installing the Main Circuit Board
Installing the Main Circuit Board

This post is about the hardest part of reassembling the PSP. It can be a bit tedious to ensure that you have the board seated correctly, but patience is necessary. Pay attention to the critical areas highlighted in picture below:

[Image: f23ca736da.jpg]

To install the main circuit board:

1.Place the main circuit board in roughly the correct location.

2.Carefully bend out the top of the PSP plastic case and slip the USB connector into its corresponding hole.

3.Line up the screw holes and apply a slight but firm pressure about one inch in from the left side of the circuit board. This is to seat the connector on the other side of the board into the smaller circuit board that holds the WNIC and Memory Stick components.

4.Run the antenna wire across the circuit board and install the wireless antenna. Once the antenna is properly seated, install the antenna wire correctly, ensuring it is held in place by the black fuzzy tape, and that it is threaded through the channel on the right side of the PSP.

5.Line up and insert screw 15 to install the left controller. If you removed the left controller completely from the PSP, be sure to connect the circuit ribbon.

6.Insert screw 14 in top-right hole of the main circuit board.

7.Connect the white power connector to the PSP circuit board, using the fuzzy tape to hold the wires onto the board.

8.Lay the right controller on top of the antenna and snap it into place, paying attention to the catch on the lower side of the controller circuit.

9.Connect the right controller strip by sliding the ribbon into the catch. It will slip under the tiny silver guides on each side of the catch. Finally, flip the brown movable part of the catch down into place.

10.Slip the UMD drive circuit ribbon into its catch. Be sure that the black part of the catch is in its Out position. Otherwise the ribbon will not insert into the catch. Once it is lined up in the catch, apply pressure to both sides of the black catch to seal the connection.

[Image: da63659ae3.jpg]
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